Here is the Login Screen where you enter your username & password


You are then taken to your Custom Order Guide to make your order. Press RESET SCREEN to clear all the entries and start over, press ADD ITEM TO LIST to add items to your order guide, or press PREVIEW ORDER to go to the preview screen.
Preview your order for accuracy and press CORRECT ORDER to make changes or SEND ORDER to make your order. In this screen you may also add Notes to your order using the form at the bottom, i.e. "Deliver before Noon" or "Need credit on 2 cases Cantaloupes from Monday's order". You can also add an item note in the right hand column, i.e. "Ripe" or "Turn" for a fruit item.

This is Order Confirmation Screen. You may print this screen for your records or simply press the LOG OUT button to end your session.

Please call a Customer Service Representative if you need assistance with any aspect of our Online Ordering System. 

PHONE ORDERS: (312) 226-1015

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