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We are a purveyor that understands the creative mind of a Chef is only limited by their availability and access to the tools/ingredients that can bring their vision to life.

In 1925, our company was built on Pride-  Pride in our Product.  Pride in our Farmers.  Pride in our Customers.  Pride in our Family. 

Four Generations of the Cornille Family have been nurturing and growing this company and each one has had a common core drive – We aim to complete each day, proud of not only each of those things… but what we have accomplished & what we help others to accomplish as well. 

Some say ‘It’s not personal, it’s business’… but we humbly disagree.  Whatever you do, it should start by being personal.  We aim to service each of our customers as if we were servicing our own restaurant.  Our customers become an extension of our family legacy, just as we help you to create yours.  We’re proud of our City & feel the weight and responsibility of helping our Chefs to represent Chicago and maintain it’s reputation as one of the celebrated Culinary Capitals in the Country. 

Based on the Chicago International Produce Market, We are located in the hub of distribution for the entire Midwest region of the United States.  Whether you find it in a restaurant or a grocery store, most items you find throughout the city have made a stop at the CIPM before making it’s way to you.

Our facility is just on the outskirts of downtown Chicago, which is ideally located to service the city’s premier dining establishments.

Founded & first established on the original South Water Market, we spent 75 years at 60 South Water Market.  We eventually moved, as the City of Chicago relocated the Produce Market to where we can currently be found today.

Built at the turn of this century, our facility is a wonder to behold.  Our cooler is state-of-the-art  in commercial refrigeration and we take safety and cleanliness to a new level.  Our unit is HACCP and Primus Labs inspected. 

When you work with Cornille, you’ll find that no detail is too small in our company – From our Product… to our Service… to our Facility… We work hard every day to be the very best.



At Cornille, you’ll never step into the same cooler twice.

Our inventory in constantly changing with Mother Nature’s whims & Chef’s desires.

Some items are only available in limited quantities or have short seasonality. Please confirm availability.


Special way beyond Specialties


A chef knows that ‘You are only as good as the product you have to work with’… and we understand that to make something great, you need to start with something great. Quality is key and we bring in items at their peak of freshness & flavor.

unique inventory

Some companies bring in pallets of product and expect you to take what they have instead of giving you what you want or need. We know that one size does not fit all. We know our customers & their menus, so we bring in what THEY want, instead of offering only what’s available.


What’s new, fresh, & in season?
Is procurement possible on an exotic item? Are you safe to menu write a particular, seasonal item? Simply need to add on to your order? Chefs typically have 24/7 access to a member of the Cornille team either via Email, Texting, or Cell Phone.


Fully Licensed, Insured, Inspected, & Union, with friendly and reliable office staff & drivers… The only thing you will ever have to worry about is dreaming up your next menu!


We receive product daily and We deliver 6 days a week, direct to your door with fresh product that often times was in the ground only a day or two before.
We offer consistency & dependability in delivery service, all throughout the year – From the dead heat in Summer to the frigid cold of Chicago Winter. Professional, courteous, & friendly… Once our drivers leave our store, they work for you.


Working on creating a new menu? Need ideas, security, or just inspiration? Planning something special down the road & want to know what might be available around the event date?
Give us a call and we’re happy to tell you what’s fresh, in season, and what crazy fun things just might be hiding in our cooler right now… And if need be, we can even talk about setting food costs & budgeting. Expert advice is an invaluable resource.


Throughout their established 95 years, George J. Cornille & Sons has found that there is far more to both life & business than just the provision of fresh quality produce. Hard times, just causes, and special events have called upon us to offer more than their everyday, workday practice. Food is the common denominator & people need people. We are happy to consider donations of planning, assistance, and product.

Charity & Events

Produce is about Passion. It is vital for a restaurant’s kitchen to continuously exhilarate & entertain its patrons. It starts with the focal point at the center of the plate and finishes by pleasing the palate –
The successful marriage in joining a Chef’s background of art & science.
In order to accomplish this, we’ve even been routinely brought in to restaurants to educate Staff about items that appear on menus, culinary classrooms to teach the next generation in Hospitality, boardrooms to inspire Sales Forces, and into food service corporations to inspire ingenuity & feasibility.




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